Features and Advantages of WBCE CMS

WBCE is a very user friendly content management system (CMS). It was forked from WebsiteBaker CMS in 2015 and has been under independent, continous further development since then. 

The main advantages of WBCE are:

  • intuitive user interface
  • backend available in several languages (English, Dutch, German, French,...)
  • simple template creation
  • gentle learning curve for users, designers and module developers
  • moderate system requirements
  • high performance
  • search engine friendly
  • readiness for responsive design and accessible web sites
  • great flexibility in terms of presentation and content types
  • sophisticated user and access management
  • active, transparent and democratic development
  • friendly and helpful community (mainly german speaking but open for international users of course)
  • stress-free license terms (WBCE is and stays free of charge, the source code is not encrypted and can be downloaded at GitHub, licensed under GPL)


Learn more about WBCE CMS in the online documentation!

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