Installation & Update Package

Full installation package of WBCE 1.6.1, published 2023/04/26, with wizard for new installations and update script


WBCE CMS Portable

WBCE CMS 1.6.0 pre-installed on a WAMP system - just unzip locally and run USBWebserver.exe (Windows 7 or newer and Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2016 required)


WBCE Github Repository

Here you can download the development and stable versions, find useful tools, report errors / feature requests if necessary.


Modules and Templates

Hand picked WBCE CMS modules and snippets, as well as templates and links to further WBCE CMS sources can be found on our Addon Repository (AOR).


WBCE CMS is released under the GNU General Public License

WBCE CMS 1.6.1 available

Current release of the free content management system WBCE CMS
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